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City Locksmith Store is professional locksmith firm serving local and commercial businesses in Farmington, CT area. We deploy tailored lock and key solutions for businesses both big and small. Our team has highly trained and friendly personnel offering efficient aid to our clients in need. We deeply understand that you have worked hard to establish your business. Doesn't it make sense to strongly secure the premises and the assets, too? 

This is where our services can help you. As a commercial locksmith in Farmington, we have worked with hundreds of commercial clients from different industry niches. This has given us an in-depth insight into their security requirements. We are your one-stop solution providers. Here are some of the clients we’ve served in the past:

  • City Locksmith Store Farmington, CT 860-358-0844Care Centers
  • Eateries 
  • Office blocks
  • Business Outlets
  • Educational setups
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Parking spaces
  • Banks
  • Med-care centers
  • Residential Apartments

For the last ten years, our commercial locksmith services have managed to remain unparalleled. Our success is largely owed to our highly-efficient team of locksmiths who can do everything from basic lock replacement to crafting advanced locking mechanisms for business setups. With state-of-the-art equipment, a operational fleet of mobile locksmith vans and with a dedicated team at our disposal, we can fix any commercial lock & key issue.

Take a look at what we offer:

  • Door unlocking solution: Being unable to unlock the door during office hours due to a misplaced or absent key can turn out to be a serious emergency. Do not worry because City Locksmith Store is here to the rescue.
  • Lock replacement: Lock replacements can become necessary due to a number of factors and one of these is a burglary situation. You do not want to continue with weak locks, especially, when a break-in as already happened. We will replace the same with the highest quality locking mechanisms, 100% resistant to intrusion.
  • Re-keying service: If you have misplaced the keys, our lock re-keying solutions can come quite handy in both opening the lock and giving you a spare for the same. This way, you can work with your existing locks without replacing it.
  • Master key system: This kind of installation helps you set various levels of access for employees. Contact our specialists for availing this next level locking solution. 
  • Door repairs: We offer high-quality emergency door repair as per the client’s requirements. We can upgrade your existing door or simply restore it to its original condition, the choice is yours.
  • Keyless entry: Keyless entry system is what you need to strengthen the security of your premises. Our locksmiths can help you set it up and offer periodic maintenance.
  • Magnetic lock: If you require magnetic locking mechanism; you can depend on our local locksmith for the purpose.
  • Digital locks: Electronic locks tend to significantly reduce the chances of an unauthorized entry. Many of our clients ask for digital solutions now. You too can benefit from our high quality digital locking mechanisms.
  • Keypad lock: Whether you are looking for a lock change, repair, installation or an upgrade related to this kind of mechanism, feel free to call our services today.
  • Cabinet lock: High-quality file cabinet locks are must for every commercial establishment. We offer the right services to ensure that you have the highest quality of locks installed to safeguard crucial files and documents.

From locks change to installation of commercial locks, we have done everything possible for our clients. Our exposure through the years has prepared us to handle various requests from commercial establishments with full confidence. 

Are you unhappy with the current security situation at your office? Are you interested in the latest locking solutions to enter the new-age leagues? Are you unable to find any way out of the difficult situation? Could you do with expert security advice and guidance? For all this and more, you can always depend on your friendly and reliable local locksmith offering affordable, yet the highest quality services in Farmington.

We have helped businesses of all sizes through the years strengthen their security with advanced high-security locks. Now yours can benefit too, all you have to do is call!